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Hello and welcome to a Peachy Lyfe!

I am thrilled to offer you a personalized and modernized solution to your laundry needs. My late husband Dexter and I had corporate backgrounds and a large family.   We desired a more fulfilling lifestyle with the freedom to spend time on what mattered most.   So, we decided to enter the laundry world to help us, and other busy families reclaim time for themselves.

Did you know on average it takes up to 10 hours a week to complete laundry?  Can you imagine how you would use 10 extra hours a week? Volunteer at your kid’s school, maybe start that yard project, have a night out with friends, or simply read one of the many books on your list.  I’m sure my list is very short when you consider the possibilities. Well, let us help by introducing you to a Peachy Lyfe where you can actually create time to start living the life you envision.

Peachy Lyfe is a high quality, customer-centered pick-up and delivery service focusing on providing you a positive experience from the moment you schedule your order to the delivery of your laundry. We offer you customizable preferences, from the detergent types all the way down to how you would like your clothes folded with a very quick turnaround time. Our app and online system make scheduling very simple.   Whether it is your home or business, no worries, we will be there.

We love the diverse communities that make up metro Atlanta.  It is our home.   We are Peachy Lyfe Laundry Delivery – your local, hometown solution helping you create time for you. Leave the Laundry. Live.



Dexter Clemons (March 27, 1974 – September 12, 2020)

P.S. – Ask about our discounts for Teachers and Military professionals.

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