Laundry With Lauren

We are so proud to be featured in a September article of The AHA Connection. Lauren’s story is exactly why we started Peachy Lyfe because let’s face it, most people don’t enjoy doing laundry. It’s time-consuming, there are weird directions or images on the laundry tag that make no sense sometimes, and the constant sorting, washing and folding can be what nightmares are made of. But at Peachy Lyfe, we actually like doing laundry! We have the equipment and the capacity to get a large volume of laundry done in a very short amount of time. Regardless if you’re single, have a family or are retired, our service can truly help to better your life. Here is an excerpt from Lauren’s article: “You gather your dirty clothes, wadded up and thrown together in a bag and set it on your porch. Then they bring it back to you hanging and folded like magic…the kind of life changing magic and comes down like a tractor beam of happiness and opens up hours of your week and makes you want to spin through your yard like Maria in the Sound of Music.” Thank you, Lauren, we love that analogy! You can read the full article … Continue reading Laundry With Lauren