September 2020 – Support Is Sexy Podcast

Taking The Leap From Corporate Exec To Courageous Entrepreneur With Sherwin Nelson Clemons, Ceo Of Peachy Lyfe

In this episode of Support is Sexy, Peachy Lyfe CEO Sherwin Clemons shares her substantial knowledge in running a successful business in the service industry. She opens up about the turning point that brought clarity to her journey to fully embracing entrepreneurship, her rich family history and how those values translate to her business, as well as her methods of coping with the difficulties of our current moment. Tune in for Sherwin’s relevant and immediately applicable advice in this episode of Support is Sexy. 

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Sherwin Clemons.
Sherwin, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I grew up in Montgomery, AL. Atlanta was always a destination for my family. Whether it was coming to Six Flags over Georgia, or accompanying my dad on business trips. We loved staying downtown Atlanta. Although it was the south, the tall buildings, cool hotels, watching the braves, and seeing the bustling business people seemed worlds away from our home. I knew I would live in Atlanta. Approaching graduation from The University of Alabama, I only interviewed with companies that would land me in Atlanta.
It felt like I knew the city and it was where I fit.
After graduation, I was in Atlanta preparing to start my new life in financial services the next week! My best friend and I drove a huge U-Haul and my family followed. There were a few cousins from the North already in the city, so I had some support.
In college, I majored in International Finance and Economics. My minor was French. I had the privilege to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. International Banking was my initial target. Towards the end of my college career I tasted Personal Financial Management, and that settled it for me. I started talking to friends about their financial decisions and loved it. I wanted to be a Financial Advisor. Not a stock broker, because I wanted to help people make decisions and developed long-term relationships. And I did. I was with a boutique wealth management firm focused on working with high net worth families. Many of them had business, most were high earners and savers. I LOVED it. Ultimately, I became a CFP, Director of Training, the Advisor manager, and delivered regular workshops for clients and prospects on the impact of Money Messages on their lives.
My husband Dexter and I wanted to have our own business, but not quit our day jobs. He discovered the laundry industry. Life moved quickly from there. We found a location. Secured financing. Started construction. Dexter was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. He was laid off his job. My employer changed course.
My life became a nightmare. All in less than six months.
I live a principled life. I believe it treating people fairly and being a person of integrity. Friendship and loyalty are everything. Once those are violated, I find it hard to exist in a space. So, I quit. Yep. Walked away. It shattered my view of people and I’ve worked hard to not let it harden me.

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